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11th Finger

Price $12.04

Keep your fingers safely away from the saw blade with the 11th Finger. The durable nylamax push stick was constructed to prevent damage to your saw blade.


Price $36.24

Our LaserMount utilizes a powerful neodymium magnet and a thumb lock to securely attach your laser to the 3rd Hand. The laser line becomes the actual line you work from, eliminating the need for chalk lines. Position any laser exactly where you want it with micro adjust precision.

The LaserMount will fit on the 3rd Hand HD, the 3rd Hand Upper Hand, or 1” EMT. It will work with any laser with a 1/4-20 mounting point.  Buy it separately, or included in the Laserjamb LJ4 Pro.

Check our Tech Specs tab to find out which lasers work great with the LaserMount.

Mag Shims

Mag Shims are the easiest way to set your blade height and fence spacing on your table saw. Simply stick the magnetic shims together to get a perfect setup in seconds! Also great for setting depth on drill presses.

Available in Standard or Metric sizes.
Standard includes eight 1/8" thick shims and two 1/16" steel spacers.
Metric includes six 2mm thick shims and two 1mm steel spacers

Magnetic Micro Squares

The Magnetic Micro Squares make squaring up your saws and equipment effortless! The new Mag Square 45 Degree sets your blade to a precise 45° with zero guess work. The magnetic base sticks firmly to the cast iron or metal table and allows hands-free adjustment of spindles, blades and fences. The built-in scale allows you to easily set the height or do precision layout for finish carpentry.

Miracle Latch

Price $4.24

The Miracle Latch is a great way to add low profile latches to cabinet doors, drawers, & much more. It is easy to install and align quickly on any doors or drawers. Includes one magnet, strike plate and screws.

Tip Magnet

Price $14.64

The perfect combination of polarity, strength and shape to make the Tip Magnet the most powerful Tip Magnet you will ever use. Whether at the base of a 1" tip or a 6" extended tip, the magnetic transfer picks up multiple screws with ease.

Press here to see the Taper Lock.

3rd Hand HD Dust Barrier Foot

Price $4.24

3rd Hand Dust Barrier Foot is an accessory for the 3rd Hand that enables you to secure a visqueen barrier to keep dust, paint or other materials from passing from one area to another. The foot has a 2-piece magnetic center. Check out all our 3rd Hand Products.

3rd Hand Magnetic Dust Barrier

No more stopping, struggling or hassling with zippers! The Magnetic Dust Barrier Door is a hands-free, self-closing door that you can use over and over again. Keep your job site clean and your customers happy.

Now CLEAR 38.5" curtains are available for purchase!

3rd Hand Magnetic Strip

Price $9.67

No more stopping, struggling or hassling with zippers! The Magnetic Dust Barrier Door is a hands-free, self-closing door that you can use over and over again. Keep your jobsite clean and your customers happy.

PowerMags + Screw Gun Mag

PowerMags will transform the way you use magnets. These versatile, high-performance neodymium magnets can be used to make invisible magnetic catches, as well as hold anything and everything metal. Get creative!

Holey PowerMags feature holes to accommodate a screw for attaching the magnet to your surface. The magnets are countersunk for any standard Bugle head screws.

Always losing your screws and bits? The Power Mag for Screw Gun will help you keep everything together! It features one large neodymium high-performance magnet with a VHB Foam tape on the back to secure to your Screw Gun.


Price $26.56

Always losing your screws and bits? The ProHold will help you keep everything together! it features nine neodymium high performance magnets attached to a comfortable adjustable wrist strap.